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MIRIS har inngått spennende samarbeid med Redsand Labs

MIRIS har inngått spennende samarbeid med Redsand Labs

Les hva Nicole Anderson fra Redsand Partners sier om vårt nye samarbeid.

Nicole Anderson fra Redsand Partners.Blockchain technology means many things to many people, but one thing that is universal is its transformative promise across and within almost any industry.

What excites us at Redsand Labs is how blockchain powered tokenised business models can convert that promise into unprecedented gain for a business, its ecosystem and customers.

So much so, that we are dedicating all our efforts to helping business – existing and new – design, build and run their futures on blockchain.

It gives me immense pleasure to announce that Redsand Labs is partnering with Norwegian based MIRIS AS, a pioneering clean energy and smart community real estate leader, to build a full blockchain powered token economy platform.

To quote their CEO, Jan Gunnar Mathisen, MIRIS will aim to be

The most innovative and sustainable player in the development of real estate, cities and societies by harnessing the most innovative technology to transform its own business model.

This will be done harnessing the power of blockchain technology to shape a holistic token economy model to serve the way in which MIRIS serves investors, optimises it's supply chain and delights and serves its residents, occupants and property owners. 

The MIRIS Token Economy Platform (MTE) © will leverage public blockchain technology to tokenise how investors transact in an already stunning portfolio of high-end smart community developments offering up significant savings in the investment process, radical flexibility in allocation across the portfolio, full transparency of build progress against performance projections and a dynamic exchange to allow for great liquidity.

MTE © will also allow MIRIS to harness supply chain efficiencies with some of the best names in renewable developments – SnøhettaPowerhouseSkanska and Nokia Networks, ultimately offering residents and occupants all the benefits of token utility in services – energy, data, home services.

There will be a series of exciting announcements over the coming weeks as Redsand Labs (@Redsand Partners) and MIRIS undertake their investor outreach to support the launch of 2 world leading development projects.

Stay tuned and join us on the journey.


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