MIRIS is challenging the property industry through innovative technology and new business model by covering the entire value chain from land acquisition, project management to financing. The sum of our business model is based on sustainable, energy efficient property development and operations, use of blockchain technology to increase efficiency and transparent solutions to solve increasing needs for computing power. This allows for more efficient operations, management and frictionless investments.


We offer sustainable solutions which will capture greater value for our investors.


Miris will develop green, sustainable solutions for property development through innovation, technology and integrity.



Our mission is to be an innovative and technology-driven player in the development of real estate, smart cities and communities. In pursuit of this mission, we aim to make sustainable real estate development and operations more profitable through innovative solutions and by constantly challenging the status quo.


Everything we do is underpinned by a set of values that defines how we work internally, with our partners and customers.

  • We innovate continuously
  • We challenge constructively and foster diverse perspectives
  • We work with passion and pragmatism
  • We collaborate with solid and qualified partners
  • We are open and honest in our communication
  • We act with integrity


Attractive sustainable property development

Leveraging its expertise in energy efficient, ecologically friendly building design and delivery, MIRIS can leverage the best in emerging technology to create a sustainable built environment that will have higher future value than traditional building methods.

Sustainability through technology

We add to Pillar 1 by incorporating expertise in technology from partners and new leadership vision to leverage our SPARK concept where we develop property and communities around local data centers. We recycle excess heat from the data centers and create sustainable energy efficient urban communities, reducing environmental impact.

Increase trust, efficiency and transparency through the use of blockchain technology

MIRIS X, will leverage blockchain technology to make property investment efficient, transparent and liquid. It will also optimize supply chain management, lowering operational costs.



Nicole Anderson - Chair of MIRIS Board

Anderson is a multiple time technology entrepreneur (CEO & Founder) and an innovation thought leader with an in-depth knowledge of crypto technologies, blockchain and digital identity. She is passionate about technology business models that are challenging the status quo and providing greater inclusion for people globally.


Mikele Brack - Executive Board of Director

MWith a career spanning over twenty years in the built environment and technology in EU, North America and Asia, Mikele is a recognised leader in urban innovation. Founder of Urban Living Futures Inc and creator of the UPPlift Urban Pilot Platform to identify city challenges and innovators with relevant technology solutions. Mikele previously helped establish the UK government’s centres of excellence: Future Cities and Energy Systems Catapults as well as leading the Cities and Urban development team at GE.


Patrick Butler - Executive Board of Director

A leading edge regulatory Risk, Conduct and Culture management expert, Patrick was Global head of strategic projects at HSBC GCIB and EMEA head of Global Banking Compliance at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. He founded Calitor Limited in 2010, advising and supporting Executive Committees and boards of global and national financial services firms to enhance internal Compliance functions, build effective Conduct and Culture Enhancement programmes and strengthen risk management practices at all levels.


Thomas Faure Romanelli - Executive Board of Director

An investment banker for over 20 years based in London holding various responsibilities across some of the largest European and global banks, Thomas has had substantial experience in Real Estate Investment and management across US, EU, LATAM and Asia markets, investing in hotels, offices, land and residential projects. He is also a Senior Policy Advisor for Strategic Initiatives for US based Coalition of Hope Foundation.


Gilad G. Amir - Executive Board of Director

A seasoned fintech entrepreneur with extensive background in financial services, Gilad was the Head of Fintech of Lloyds Banking Group, where he harnessed relationships with FinTechs and disruptive techs to support Lloyds Banking Group digital market leadership and transformation. Prior to LBG, Gilad did a variety of roles as a founder, CEO, Director and Advisory Board member across multiple fintechs including EZBOB, Satago (acquired by Oxygen Finance), Paze and others.


Jan-Eigil Rydningen - Executive Board of Director

A strong successful record for more than 35 years across the Norwegian IT and Finance industry, Jan established and managed Compaq Computer, Norway for 10 years, becoming a dominant Norwegian player with a global record of high market growth and market share. In addition to Compaq, Jan has also successfully led global and national companies such as Fujitsu Siemens, Fujitsu & Tele Computing, delivering new innovation across the board. He was previously named Business & IT leader of the year in Norway.


Jan Gunnar Mathisen - CEO of MIRIS

It’s a game changer and I’m excited and proud of what we have achieved in just a couple of years. We have experienced difficulties and barriers that exist in this industry and I’m happy to have such a solid group of board members and employees to support and help us bring our vision to reality. Being the most innovative and technology driven real estate developer of sustainable cities- and societies is an ambitious vision, but I am confident that we can accomplish this.

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