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A Different and flexible real estate developer 

MIRIS Eiendom is a different and flexible real estate developer that creates value within the new emerging business models and strong growth trends. We have solid competence in our employees who ensures the entire MIRIS value chain. Innovation, new technology and focus on sustainability is central to our DNA.

MIRIS core business is within three main growth sectors: Edge Data Centers, Positive Energy Buildings and Smart Homes.
These areas represent trends that will grow strongly both nationally and globally for the next 10-15 years, which are independent of fluctuations in the Norwegian traditional real estate market.

We are selective in choosing new projects and believing in our strategic focus areas. MIRIS will, together with investors and partners, develop the value through visions, ideas, technology and execution. We challenge the traditional, and we work digitally, smartly and efficiently to ensure profitability in everything we do.

How we are organized

MIRIS consists of dedicated employees with different experience and competence that ensures the entire MIRIS value chain. We are all working towards a common goal where we will ensure good progress and continuous value increase in the projects for all involved parties.
We have three main focus areas: 1. Edge Data Centers; 2. Positive energy buildings; 3. Smart Homes. Eventually, we will assess whether our three focus areas are to be established as own companies with dedicated executives. We build quality projects based on modern and innovative construction methods, with lower maintenance costs and lower energy consumption, which provide productivity improvements.
It is important for us to adapt our projects so that they reflect the local area and the vision we have for the project.





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Vision and values We aim to be a unique, attractive and inspiring player in the real estate market that partners, investors and subcontractors see value in cooperating with.

Our values:
Innovation, value-creating, courage and reliability

Innovative - As a newly established property developer, we can quickly turn around and apply innovative methods and technologies.

Value creation - We will make sure that all our projects give good value for all involved parties.

Courageous - we will challenge an established and traditional industry

Reliable - We aim to be a reliable employer, collaborator and actor in the Norwegian real estate market.

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