Technology is evolving at an enormous pace, and MIRIS is committed to harnessing the best emerging capability to deliver solutions for its market but also to drive scale in the operation of its business. This has driven the establishment of MIRIS X as the blockchain-based ecosystem on which the future MIRIS business model will run.

MIRIS X is underpinned by distributed (or decentralised) ledger technology (DLT) and its ability to tokenise the exchange and store of value, rights and contractual obligations. It will enable MIRIS to adhere to regulation and thereby allow for ethical auditing of all funds flowing through the MIRIS ecosystem (to and from suppliers, occupants, partners and investors).


MIRIS X, is a propriety blockchain powered technology platform which will enable MIRIS to:

Offer investors access to projects in a frictionless, transparent way, eliminating intermediaries and associated costs, yet providing enhanced returns as a result of the greater efficiencies of building and financing through this platform.

Due to the tokenisation of investments in projects via an online exchange, investors will enjoy a level of liquidity not typically associated with the real estate market.

The platform will optimise supply chain activity in a way that is revolutionary – automated monitoring of delivery and payment cycles keeping full control of project progress and avoiding errors and drastically reducing personal conflicts of interest through smart contracts and objective reporting.

With the assistance of Building Management Systems (BMS) and Building Information Modeling (BIM), MIRIS will be able to undertake active surveillance and operation of all buildings to ensure they are as energy efficient as possible.

All data are available via the MIRIS X platform, and all payments take place on the platform. Thus, the MIRIS Token Economy Platform will also reduce operational costs.

We utilise the power of blockchain technology, to tokenize the whole business and so integrate investment, automated Smart contracts, Building Information Modelling (BIM) innovations and networked communities to run efficient, transparent, controllable transactions.


MIRIS X will power all mechanisms to pay suppliers and receive payment for EDGE centre usage, as the MIRIS ‘ecosystem’ currency. It will also be used for paying investors their returns and debt repayments with interest.

There will be events where a project on the platform will need to pay third-party suppliers. In these cases, the supplier would have created an account on the platform and be issued with a token wallet. When suppliers receive payments, the platform will pay utility tokens into the supplier’s wallet. The supplier will be able to withdraw these tokens into their validated bank account. Upon doing so, MIRIS will transfer the funds from the escrow account into the suppliers’ bank account. Transactions between wallets are public, transparent and auditable on the blockchain inherent within MIRIS X.

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