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Our Framework

The industry standard for socially responsible investment is referred to as ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) criteria. These are the factors that investors can look at to assess the sustainability of a business and they form key components of our strategy and operations.

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Green Finance Framework

We have developed and use a strict Green Finance Framework to select, track and report on all our projects. This Green Finance Framework was put together to ensure that any funds raised by MIRIS are used in ways that benefit the environment.

The framework is structured around the core components of the Green Bond Principles (“GBP”) established by the International Capital Market Association (ICMA).

For a project to be considered eligible, it must target:

1. The mitigation of climate change

Such as through investments in green buildings, energy efficiency, renewable energy, innovative technology with a potential for significant future energy savings, clean transportation, and waste management.


2. The adaptation to climate change

Such as water and wastewater management.


3. Environmental and ecosystem improvements

Such as emissions reduction and waste management.

This Framework is verified by an independent third-party company called Cicero, Norway’s leading climate research body. In Cicero’s report, they state that:

“Miris is committed to protect the environment and manage environmental issues actively, openly and ethically. They are constantly striving to prevent pollution and reduce the environmental impact of their products and services during design, construction, operations and end-of-life. Environmental considerations are incorporated into the operations, business planning, decision-making and monitoring activities in order to understand impacts and improve procedures. They also expect their business partners and suppliers to share these values.”

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MIRIS X is the system that manages all of MIRIS’s financial operations, tracking how funds are used in sustainable projects by monitoring the whole supply chain. This means that as funds from investments are spent, the resources, material or building that they are spent on is tracked. Not only does it monitor project finances and progress but also impact.

Each project has a carbon budget and all activities around the project are tracked against this benchmark. It’s a fully transparent view on where investor money is going and how it’s contributing to sustainable assets that grow in value.